2 de abril de 2009


Estou mega feliz!

Hoje quando fui postar o 2º LO que fiz com o kit novo da Melissa levei um susto: o LO que fiz ontem e postei aqui, foi escolhido no LOTD da Escrapable!

Além de publicarem no forum, elas colocam o LO escolhido no blog e comentam as técnicas usadas para confeccioná-lo! Vejam só que chique aqui no post do Blog da Scrapable!

"“Chuva & Sol” by Marisa Socio has been selected as lei-out of the day! This cheerful lei-out highlights a couple of fun techniques. First, she created an appealing title by “weaving” a ribbon through the letters. She added a deeper shadow to the ribbon to make it appear to not be adhered to the page but rather loose and hanging in the letters. As the ribbon most likely was all one piece, she then selectively erased or masked areas to make it appear to go behind the letters. Second, Marisa Socio created her journaling to follow the outline of her beautiful pictures. This technique, also called text on a path, creates extra focus to her photos and adds a playful touch to her journaling."

Este aqui foi o 2º LO que fiz com o kit Oh Dada Dear:

Ontem e hoje: só alegria!

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